The story of Carvalhos & Ferreira begins at the end of the decade of 60. By then Camilo Ferreira Carvalho proposes to is brothers, Américo and Joaquim Carvalho and also coined Joaquim Ferreira, to creat of a workshop with the purpose of the manufacture wheelbarrows

Headquartered in a small workshop in Esmoriz, under the name of Camilo Ferreira Carvalho wheelbarrows where made by hand.

In 1972 switches itself to Rio Meão and in 1976 shall be renamed Carvalhos & Ferreira, Ltd.

In 1979 starts the construction of a new manufacturing unit and passes from manual to automated tisk.

From 1985 to 1989 the company is going through a restructuring of the managers, leaving only Camilo Joaquim Carvalho and Ferreira as members.

In 1990 it is initiated a new phase with the launch of the line of ladders and stepladders in aluminum.

With the entry of this new segment of products added up more dynamism.

In 1992 the manufacturing processes gets further with the entry of robotic weldingt.

So today, Carvalhos & Ferreira, Lda acts on three main areas of business, namely, wheelbarrows, aluminum ladders and tools for the construction industry.

Carvalhos & Ferreira, has consolidated a position in the market and is now accompanied by a young and entrepreneurial team, aware of the new challenges, maintaining the same principles of solid and rigorous management.

The growing demand of markets for products of quality reinforces the confidence and determination which we face the future.