This space is intended to provide our customers and visitors a better understanding of the our company and products. It is our concern to inform detailed and timely what we produce and sell, allowing greater proximity to our current and future customers.
Who we are and what we do.
Carvalhos & Ferreira, Ltd. is a company founded in 1969 which is dedicated to the production and sell of wheelbarrows, warehouse cars, ladders and stepladders, acting in the national and international market.
Our Wheelbarrows
Have a look on our diverse range of wheelbarrows and find one that most fits your needs and business.
Ladders and Stepladders
Ladders and Stepladders lightweight, safe and resistant to any industry.
Video and Photo Gallery
Meet our facilities through videos and images we provide. Find out what our manufacturing methods and equipment.
Products Catalog.
Download our catalog in PDF forma.